Highly rated on Tripadvisor. Auckland coast & countryside attractions. NZ & Maori hosts, includes visit to our *PRIVATE* sheep farm & historic Homestead.



Private and Personal...

it's the NEW luxury!

It doesn't take much do luxury ... just a bit of money

But it takes something very special,

and something very unique

to be able to do PRIVATE !

But wait...

There's Private in a Public place,


Private in a Private place !!!

(bit of difference???)

Well, that is what you have with us

NO crowds, NO long journeys,

and definitely NOT run-of-the-mill

because you go somewhere PRIVATE!


 >>>  in fact <<< 

you get

Auckland's MOST private tour!

So confident are we at making this statement, is that we challenge you to find another Auckland tour company that goes where you'll go on our tour....  


our difference?

As part of your Auckland tour, we bring you to our own private sheep farm and inside our own private Homestead...  

(and this is not open to the Public or any other tour company)

But please don't consider we are "just" a visit to a sheep farm!  There's an array of coast and countryside attractions for you to experience along the journey to our farm and Homestead ...  

* and your tour can be customised to make it your own  

It's a cost-effective way for your family group or Shore Excursion PLUS you're guaranteed  to visit unique places!  


We have 15 years experience in hosting international visitors... 

*we -understand-  that there are some times when people don't want to travel with others...

*we -empathise-  you don't want to jostle the crowds, or travel for miles to visit [just] Public places...

*we -recognise- you don't have a lot of time, but still wish to see & do as much as possible all on the ONE private tour...



Taking a Private Auckland tour means that you travel in relaxed comfort, knowing that the trip you have booked will focus solely on you and your requirements. Whether you are traveling as a couple, in a family, or with a large group of friends, a private tour of Auckland is a great way to do sightseeing and visit the outlying Auckland coast and countryside attractions.


There's time to touch, opportunity to learn, and reasons to connect.


Our Private tours are where -your- genuine experiences begin!  


31 Aug - 30 Apr

Please note:
Our company stops operating (- ends, finishes -)
** 30 April 2017 **
as after 15 amazingly busy years, we are retiring!!


We work very closely with Air New Zealand, and the Auckland University providing private group tours. We also host Cathay Pacific, Conference and Event Centre groups and numerous groups from Cruise Ships (e.g. Richard Detrich from Princess Cruiseline.


We have had the pleasure of meeting many Individual families, & friends traveling in groups, from all around the world, who have really enjoyed the benefit of taking a Private Auckland tour with us. 


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