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Auckland Private Tours is the private tour option of Auckland Coast to Coast Tours Ltd.

Owned and operated by husband & wife "team"; Stu and Donna.     Our highly rated Auckland tours were established in Jan. 2002         with the desire to host visitors in small groups and provide them      with personal experiences, (which is what Tourism is all about).  

Our tour is much like you would get from visiting friends as they show you around the sights and attractions of their "hometown".

Private tours have become extremely popular with us over the past few years, becoming now our "signature service". It has therefore been a natural path for us to progress more into Private tours.

 "Let us host you"  ...Quite unlike the usual employed tour "guide", we won't keep our eye on the clock for knock-off time, (unless it's absolutely critical to you). We are flexible.... your tour is customised so you can relax & enjoy.



The time you have on your tour is yours !  

"We welcome you into our own home and sheep farm"...         you'll get to see a working farm, speak to 'real' farmers, ...but most importantly, our farm is not open to the Public, so your experiences are genuine & unique!


Auckland Private tours - family history


Donna is also of Ngai Tahu Maori descent, and you will receive a special Maori greeting on arrival to our  'Motutara Homestead'.




Ngai Tahu Maori


Stu Hamilton




        Stu has been a sheep farmer all his working life... so you will be able to speak with a "real" NZ sheep farmer! 




We have many photos and stories to share about the history and development of the west Auckland region we call "home"! 


 Our farm & Homestead date back to the 1880's, (it's the original worker's cottage!), and it has been family owned since 1922 when post WWl it became a Returned Soldier Settlement Farm.  

.....There's no other tour that brings you to the Muriwai region where you will be able to stand inside this original bush-worker's cottage (-which is now our dining-room!), and touch artifacts from these pioneering times!



Motutara Homestead 1930s




'Motutara Homestead' 1930's    


Motutara Homestead present day













Welcome to Auckland Private tours


Our welcome awaits, and we look forward to meeting you soon! 




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