Our Credentials.

We do have all of the necessary paperwork to make your tour fit and legal !  

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Coast to Coast tours company registration

Company Registration Certificate


Stuart Hamilton Passenger Endorsement Licence

Passenger Endorsement License


Registration with Auckland Council to visit Parks and Reserves

Auckland Regional Council  Approved Operator Pass


Auckland Coast to Coast Tours Public Liability Insurance

 Public Liability Insurance


And a note about Food Handling...

In New Zealand, there are no Food Safety Laws for providing food which is not being "sold". (This is for food which is supplied: "included-in", or "complimentary" for the likes on tours and for Bed & Breakfast accommodations).

However, for food which is for sale there are Food & Hygiene Standards, (and these are very strict). 

Some tour companies opt to "provide" food which has been home prepared. So, unlike shops that sell food, these people who prepare this food are not required to sit any Hygiene test  that sees them fit and knowledgeable about food preparation and safety. Invariably, this home-prepared food would be very delicious, however, how do you really know what the facilities were like that were used to prepare, cook and store the food that you are consuming? The same concerns should arise as to how your food is transported (especially if this food is traveling all day on the tour).

As one of these operators which "supply" food which is "included-in" the price of your tour, I did not want to have any doubts when it came to my food handling and preparation knowledge....(even though there was no legal requirement for me to do so).... 

I took it upon myself to become FOOD HANDLING CERTIFIED

Also, because you come INTO our own home, you are able to actually see the kitchen...refrigerator...dish-cloth...tea-towel...and toilets, of the house where the food was prepared, so that you will be assured that the food you are consuming on our tour is of a certified standard of safety compared to somewhere that you do not have access to see!  

We trust that you can appreciate this difference,               ............and our commitment to quality. 

Donna Hamilton Food Handling Certified

Food Handling Certified


Auckland Coast to Coast tours kitchen


Auckland Coast to Coast tours Ladies restroom



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